The Polaris Slingshot



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The Polaris Slingshot is finally here, and this exciting new vehicle from the number one manufacturer of outdoor powersports equipment promises to deliver more pulse pounding enjoyment than anything that has come before it.
The Slingshot and Slingshot SL do this by bringing the street to you with a low five inch wheel to base ride height, completely open cockpit, incredible handling and speeds, and a shared seating experience, so you and and a friend can ride beside, not behind!


Experience the thrill of the open road in an entirely new way. Feel the road in your chest and in your seat; fire up the sights, sounds, thrills you experience in a truly unique riding experience with the Polaris Slingshot.

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Slingshot Customization: From the team that brought you Busa King, Full Throttle Motorsports is working with the leading aftermarket producers of Slingshot accessories to bring you a fully customizable experience on your Slingshot, including paint and wraps, chrome and billet options, turbo kits, and more.
Call us today about customizing your Slingshot, no matter where you purchased it.

Now available from mid-Michigan's only Slingshot Dealer, Full Throttle Motorsports: The Slingshot SL LE in White Pearl andTurbo Silver!

These are available for preorder and will arrive winter 2016.